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Mission Update


We are hearing great things about our young missionaries in Papua New Guinea.  Do you realize that we have been able to send 11 friars as missionaries during the past three years?  The Lord has brought a new youthfulness to the mission of Papua New Guinea.  There is a new generosity among our young people, and certainly our young friars.  God bless them. Great things are happening in the missions.

Father John had the opportunity to chat with Brother Tage Danielson, who went to Papua New Guinea this summer to see if being a missionary fits him.  He tells him that he would love to go back to the missions.  Isn’t that wonderful?  And Brother visited at a very difficult time.  Less than a week after he arrived, riots broke out in the village where he stayed.  Brother Tage told Father John that he never felt threatened nor the least bit worried.  Brother Ray Ronan informed Father John that Brother Tage has a courage about him.

We have also heard from our Capuchin friars in India.  We have a great relationship with the brothers in Kerala.  As you may have seen on the news not long ago, the monsoon season was unusually intense with much flooding.  In fact, Father John just received a photo of the Capuchin headquarters in Kottayam, and it is flooded to the second level.  The friars have established relief centers, and we were able to send a sizable donation to assist in their efforts.