Giving Tuesday

There is a wonderful, life-changing Center for children in the middle of Tanzania. Children born with physical deformities come to the Center for corrective surgery and physical therapy.

The Capuchin Children’s Center is operated by the Capuchin friars in Tanzania. It was established almost 50 years ago by Italian Capuchin missionaries. The Center is beautiful; the buildings are in good shape. Local villagers tend a wonderful garden that feeds the children. Everyone is doing their best to keep things going.

Sadly, the Center is in danger of closing. The director, Fr. Gaudence, told us that benefactors in Italy are no longer able to support this wonderful place where children’s lives are changed. Fr. Gaudence and his brother Capuchin friars worry that the Center may have to close its doors soon.

Over the years, thousands of children’s lives have been transformed at this Center. And there is a long waiting list all the time.

We want to help Fr. Gaudence keep this Center of hope open for many years so that poor, disabled children have a chance at a normal life.

Will you please help keep the doors of the Center open? Your support, no matter what you share, will help change the lives of these children.