There is no greater gift.

In the holy Mass, your prayerful intentions are joined to the timeless prayer of the cross, where Jesus Christ, in the greatest act of love, gave His life for us.

Your faith-filled offering for the Mass becomes an act of love that supports Capuchin missionaries around the world.


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The tradition of offering Masses for others, particularly the deceased, dates back to the earliest days of the Catholic Church. Inscriptions discovered on tombs in Roman catacombs from the second century A.D. beg for prayers for the repose of the souls of deceased loved ones.

But today, offering Masses on specific dates in local parishes can be difficult due to crowded Mass intention schedules and fewer parishes.  The Seraphic Mass Association can eliminate this challenge.  Our missionary priests around the world are humbled and honored to offer Masses for your loved ones on specific dates.

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Mother's Day Novena

900 Masses will be offered beginning on Mother's Day, in gratitude for our mothers, grandmothers, stepmothers, godmothers and other special mothers in our lives. We remember all mothers, living or deceased.

Father's Day Novena

Beginning on Father's Day, a Novena of 900 Masses is offered for fathers, grandfathers, stepfathers, godfathers and the other special men in our lives, living and deceased.

Pray, Hope, Don't Worry Socks

Enjoy walking in these “Pray, Hope, Don’t Worry” socks, recognizing in your daily steps the wisdom and powerful intercession of our Capuchin Saint Padre Pio. Your offering supports our Capuchin missionaries.

Support our Missionaries

Your generous gift for our Capuchin missionaries will reach the remotest parts of the world, spreading the Gospel and reaching out to the poorest of the poor.

Mission Projects

From drilling water wells to building schools and clinics, Capuchin missionaries rely on your faith-filled generosity to improve the living conditions for the poorest of the poor.

St. Anthony Mission Partners

You can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Capuchin missionaries with pledged prayers and financial support as a St. Anthony Mission Partner.

Masses for the Living

In all life's successes and struggles, the holy Mass is the greatest gift of all.