How Your Donations Help

The sole purpose of the Seraphic Mass Association is to support Capuchin missionaries around the world, especially among the poor and in the most challenging circumstances.

How Your Donations Help

Your offerings for Masses are sent to missionary priests. Frequently, a mission priest’s only source of revenue for his own needs and those of the mission he serves, is the donation for the Mass that he offers each day. The priest uses the Mass offering for food, clothing, and other personal necessities. It is also used to purchase candles, hosts, wine, and catechetical materials and to make minor repairs needed in the mission.

Our supporters often direct their donations to specific requests from Capuchin missionaries. Construction projects include schools, health clinics, housing for priests and sisters, digging water wells, and other critical needs for the missions.

Our Seraphic Mass Association family educates seminarians in the missions and prepares seminarians in the United States for mission work. Occasionally, special training is needed for priests who will have additional professional responsibilities.

Our retired missionaries deserve care and medical attention when they return to the United States. Having served most of their adult lives in a foreign mission, they are not eligible for government benefits. Donations to the Seraphic Mass Association help to care for our retired missionaries. 

Help a retired Missionary

Your most generous contributions often help with urgent needs that arise. Natural disasters, such as earthquakes, hurricanes and droughts, create emergency needs for food, housing and medical care.