Our History

The Seraphic Mass Association was established in 1929

Our History

The Seraphic Mass Association

The Seraphic Mass Association was established in 1929 to assist American Capuchin missionaries in China and Puerto Rico.  Father Cecil Nally is credited with its founding and served for nearly sixty years as director. Early on he was joined by his brother and fellow friar, Father Don Nally, who had returned from the mission in Puerto Rico.

The team of brothers devoted themselves to gathering the prayer intentions and financial offerings of ordinary Catholics around the country and world so that Capuchin missionaries would be able to spread the Gospel and Catholic faith even in the most remote parts of the world. By the late 1950s, the Seraphic Mass Association was supporting projects and programs in scores of nations.

Dedicated to supporting Capuchin missions throughout the world, the Seraphic Mass Association functions as an exchange of prayers and financial support.

Offerings made for a Mass for a specific intention are sent directly to Capuchin missionaries, to provide for the needs of the brothers and the pastoral needs of the people they serve. For some, it is the only source of financial assistance for everything that is needed in the missions.

Donations that are made to be enrolled in the Masses, prayers and sacrifices of the friars, likewise, are directed to the missions for operating costs or new projects, such as water wells, schools and clinics.

Father Cecil Nally
Capuchin friars

Members of the Seraphic Mass Association family may also contribute to appeals for specific projects.

The Seraphic Mass Association is owned and sponsored by the Capuchin friars. The Board of Directors provides oversight and guidance. A financial review is conducted annually by an external auditor to certify that donors’ financial contributions are used for Capuchin missions.

The Capuchin friars are committed to operating the Seraphic Mass Association as a not-for-profit enterprise, and to be effective and efficient stewards of donations made for the missions.