You love the missions.  You've shown your dedication to our Capuchin missionaries.  And there is a good chance that you find in St. Anthony a wonderful friend and heavenly intercessor when you're in need.

Why not become a St. Anthony Mission Partner?  It's a natural fit for you.

We have had many folks like you join the Capuchin missionaries in a partnership under the patronage of good St. Anthony.

One woman from California told me that she had been waiting for this opportunity.  For many years she had been praying for our Capuchin missionaries and supported them with occasional donations, but now she would be a partner with them, almost standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the friars in spreading the Gospel and building the Church.

A Pennsylvania member of the great Seraphic Mass Association family telephoned me with an urgent request.  Her husband had served in Papua New Guinea during WWII.  Since his passing she wanted to honor him and help the missions.  She told me that she would become a St. Anthony Mission Partner.  Shortly after becoming a Partner she decided she also wanted to donate $25,000 for a special cause in Papua New Guinea.

A gentleman from Florida told me that he wanted to feel like he was part of a work - a mission - larger than himself.  He said becoming a St. Anthony Mission Partner would be "the next best thing to being there" with the Capuchin missionaries.

One young man from New York City let us know that he wanted to "make a return to the Lord for all the good He has done for me."  Isn't that just wonderful?

Become a St. Anthony Mission Partner.  It's simple.  Click here to become a St. Anthony Mission Partner.  By making a monthly pledge of whatever amount your budget permits, you become part of the Lord's work and make a return to Him for all His goodness.

As a St. Anthony Mission Partner the Capuchin friars will hold you up in prayer every day.  Your selfless giving goes to building up the Church in our Capuchin missions.